Any special event in history creates space to find quick a dirty solutions or put real work and develop real and strong ones.

DP3T its a protocol for a secure, decentralised, privacy-preserving proximity tracing system.

The best place to read about how it works:

Today I was listening a podcast where a professor was explaining that Apple and Google are using this protocol for libraries to support SARS-CoV-2 virus apps tracking. At the moment, this libraries lives in a middleware layer and not as part of the OS (iOS or Android).

Let’s stop this as part of the OS

We need to be transparent on this. After months fighting a pandemic, without any app with outstanding results to do this job, this is not the moment to implement quick, dirty, flaw solutions.

At the moment Im writing this lines, Apple and Google have implemented this protocol and they’re working to make it work on both platforms as your can read here

Apple and Google they’re not willing to let external auditory or make their implementation open-source. This is a concern, and they must allow external auditory.

After all the laws applied in Europe over the last few years (GDPR for example), we need a strong voice from our governments to intervene in this kind of examples.

Part of Apples and Google plans is to move this feature as part of their OS, in one line, they’ll move a key feature to trace users, who do you see and how long you stay with others, as part of every phone and we won’t know how they’re implementing this or what was the verification process of the real privacy of our data. Even worst they will be the only ones to let anyone use it or not.

EU must stop this, and is not about lack of power, it’s about decision. This companies follow what dictatorial governments impose them and EU must draw the line where our rights begging.